Structural Genomics of Histone Tail Recognition

Histone tails are subjected to various post translational modifications, which regulates gene expression and differentiation. This website highlights the structural mechanisms underlying recognition of histone tails by the readers, writers and erasers of methyl and acetyl marks.

Main reference: Wang et al., Structural Genomics of Histone Tail Recognition. Bioinformatics (2010) doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btq491

To view this resource with interactive 3D slides:

  1. Download and install the Internet Explorer/Firefox plugin. Instructions on installation and use
  2. Restart your browser
  3. Browse the histone tails structures

Figure: 2D snaphost of an interactive 3D slideshow. Once the plugin is installed (step 1 above), the text on the left panel is linked to multiple slides.