ChromoHub: a data hub for navigators of chromatin-mediated signalling

Genes involved in chromatin-mediated signalling constitute emerging target classes for future therapies. Here, we map on phylogenetic trees information published by the scientific community on the therapeutic relevance, the biology, the structure of these genes, and related chemical inhibitors.

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Chemical Modification of Proteins

KAT: Acetylate lysines PARP: ADP-ribosylate proteins
PMT: Methylate lysines
BAH: Read methyl-lysines BROMO: Read acetyl-lysines CW: methyl-lysine reader CHROMO: Read methyl-lysines MACRO: bind ADP-ribosylated proteins
MBT: Read methyl-lysines PHD: Read methyl-lysines, acetylated lysines, methyl-arginines, unmodified lysines PWWP: Read methyl-lysines, bind DNA SPINDLIN: methyl-lysine/arginine reader TUDOR: Read methyl-lysines, methyl-arginines YEATS: read acetyl-lysines and crotonyl-lysines
HDAC: Deacetylate lysines KDM: De-methylate lysines
PADI: Deiminate arginines

Chemical Modification of DNA

DNMT: Methylate CpG dinucleotides
Readers <
CXXC: Bind to nonmethyl-CpG dinucleotides MBD: Bind to methyl-CpG dinucleotides